Using Pan Tilt Amcrest ip2m-841B and IP3M-941B

I have the Amcrest IP2M-841B working with the custom url mentioned in other amcrest threads but this doesn’t allow for PAN/TILT functionality. Will this camera be added to the camera list or are there changes to the custom URL I should look at modifying?



Hi JJ!
To make PTZ work in NCS the PTZ commands must be added to a template in the camera list. If we pursue this we need to have full access to the camera and it will take some time also depending on available information. Unfortunately, this not something than can be fixed overnight. Sometimes the electronics of a cam is the same as for another cam so searching for that might be an alternative. I have to come back to you on how we proceed.


Is there a utility that can run through the existing configuration to find a match rather than me selecting each camera individually and testing?


Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Finding the correct URL is often a detective work ;). Quite often people end up with a template for one of the Foscams or Dahua so go there first. Then it is also searching on the camera name and PTZ and see if you find something or on the cam name and foscam or dahua. It is not easy, but these are the options.

according to this doc

the api to set the motion of the PTZ

7.2.3 PTZ control commands
URL Syntax http:///cgi-bin/ptz.cgi?action=[action]&channel=[ch]&code=[code]&arg1=[argstr]& arg2=[argstr]&arg3=[argstr]
Comment This URL is used to start/stop PTZ control command.
action is PTZ control command, it can be start or stop.
ch is PTZ channel range is [0 - n-1], code is PTZ operation, and arg1, arg2, arg3 is the arguments of operation.
Code and argstr values are listed in below table.

im just not sure how or where to edit a template to add the API calls to control a amcrest IP camera

Templates are part of the software code and cannot be edited externally. A new version of NCS have just been released and I am not sure when the next version will be out.


This is the only conversation I found about Amcrest Camera even though it is now 249 days old.

I would like to be able to add images from this Amcrest IP3-941B camera to my website!

Website -

I recently purchased a new camera an Amcrest IP3-941B camera and wonder if you have a

newer version of Netcam studio X that supports the Amcrest IP3-941B camera it has PTZ commands.

This camera is not in your list on Netcam studio X ver. 1.0

I think you now have an upgrade of your software so it now runs on Microsoft Edge?
I also found you are about to launch version 2.0 if it is coming soon I will wait.
Do you have to uninstall version 1.0 before installing version 2.0?


Hi there and welcome to the forum!
Of cause you are on the right place. At Netcam Studio we do miracles :smile:
If it is this camera the magic word to search for is ONVIF. If I read the specification correct it says that it support ONVIF which will make it so much easier.

The new version of NCS 1.4 which you find more about and download here Netcam Studio 1.5.1 support onvif and now also support onvif PTZ. ONVIF is a standard, but each company have some individualism, unfortunately.

Microsoft Edge is maybe not on top of our list, but I just tested the new web client in Edge and it worked fine. I think Edge have developed a lot during some time :).

I recommend you to do the following:
-download ncs 1.4 and install it.The first 2 cams are free. NCS is a fully functional software even for the 2 first cams. This version is not officially released yet, but well tested.
-add your camera using the tab onvif. If everything works correct you should now have video, audio and PTZ.
-have fun!

The version 1.4 is the last version in the 1-series apart from fixes. Next big release will be ncs 2.0. It´s in the pipeline, but exactly when is not scheduled yet.
NCS 2.0 will be stand-alone as the earlier ones and no need for version 1.0.

You started with that you want to add images or streaming video in that website. That is also doable using the feature in ncs to generate embedded code. This will also need fixed IP or ddns from your computer and also to embed the code can vary dependent on the web host. However, I recommend you to start with adding the camera to NCS as above and when that works we can handle the rest.

Good luck!


 I have installed ncs1.4 and when I went to the ADD SOURCE I still didn't see the brand name AMCREST the model is  IP3-941B.

Google says it has ONVIF and was ordered from Amazon will it connect to NCS 1.4 software?

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Hi Lowell,
As you say Amazon says it support ONVIF. When you add the camera to NCS use the tab ONVIF Source. Click on Browse. If the camera support ONVIF, NCS will find it there.

If it´s not there control that you have the latest firmware in the camera. If that still not helps then the camera do not support ONVIF and must be added using the tab Custom URL and then we must find the correct URL for this camera. That will give you video/audio, but no PTZ.

Latest firmware should be here


Sorry to raise this thread, but I created an account to ask this as I am looking for a new software for my IP cams (Using BlueIris) so far I like everything I see, however ALL of my 20+ cams are Amcrest (one of the most popular cameras in the USA and sold on Amazon) they are all under a year old and 1/2 are PTZ they all support ONVIF however following your instructions since there are still no other Amcrest templates, providing the ONVIF source username and password the browse works but the get profiles does not do anything. it stays grey. I have to have PTZ and push to talk, any suggestions to earn a customer?

***** Update **** I closed and re-opened the software and the button worked so no issues with this one

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