Using the e-mail server

I have issues sending e-mails when detecting motion. I’m getting the message:

Cannot send e-mail : Must issue a STARTTLS command first

I guess webcam doesn’t support STARTTLS. Anyone a solution for this since all e-mail servers only support this these days?


I am not so familiar with this in Webcam, but is this what you are looking for?

I am using Netcam Studio with no problems.


Hi Henrik

That is exactly what I’m looking for unfortunately I cannot find this option in Webcam 7. I might have to switch to Netcam studio.


Ha, you are correct. Webcam 7 don´t have it for some reason. The picture above is from WebcamXP. If you need to switch I would recommend NCS if you use IP cameras.

Hi Henrik,

Already in the process of switching over :slight_smile:


Latest ver 162 Netcam Studio 1.6.2