Using Two Servers


I have a webcam plugged in to one computer that is setup with Netcam Studio (lets call this Secondary Server). One my main server (Main Server sounds good) I have two webcams setup in Netcam Studio. I have a license for extra webcams so I want to setup a Network Connection between the two servers, so I can have the camera on the Secondary Server, be hooked up to and displayed on my Main Server with the other two cameras.

When I set this up and try using the 8100 port, my credentials, etc. I test the connection and it says “parameter not valid”.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I’ve checked this and could reproduce this problem.
Unfortunately, I can’t publish update, but I can suggest workaround which you can use before we fix the problem.
Press “Generate HTML” button on your second server
Find line in the bottom of html output window, which looks like this:
camera_3.initCamera(jpeg_3, “”, “6d04ee1a-6201-40e2-a5b2-e0f8625bab28”, 3, 40);
Use custom url on main server:
Don’t forget to replace ip_of_secondary_server with real ip, 1 with correct source number (not needed if there’s only 1 source), and correct access token value.
Better if you create separate user with rights to view camera to generate access token.

Thank you!

One more addition - try resetting password for user you are using for connect. It may help.

I updated the credentials and it worked! :slight_smile: