V380 camera keeps restarting

I have an ip camera the one which rotates 360 degree dome camera. It was working fine but from some days it says system is starting and keeps on saying this again and again.

I changed top part (rotating part) with another camera (same model) and this works but the other camera this time says system is starting again and again so I guess the problem is with rotating portion… before updating my camera firmware the default firmware doesnot rotates 360 degree when I turn camera on, it simply turns on without turing dome in all direction but when I updated firmware dome rotates in all directions one time at start up… I think if I get that old firmware in which dome doesnot rotates on startup this problem can be solved… I also tried disconnecting rotating machine wires but that didnt work. I did changed adapter and wire that didint work either.

Sometimes camera do gets connected so this means its not hardware fault.