Version 1.5.4 --- Wow! :D

I upgraded from 1.3.something to 1.5.4. And all I have to say is… WOW! :smiley:
1.5.4 is incredible fast and uses very little CPU/resources compared to earlier versions (17 cams, 4 motion triggers).

I just wanted to say “Thanks!”. :slight_smile:


Hi Moskus,
Thanks for your kind words! Yes, Netcam Studio have really taken a big step from the good old 1.3 to today’s official 1.5.4. One important improvement is as you mention the performance with better throughput using less CPU resources. Important for us that use many cams. New features are also there that I hope you will find to appreciate.
We are on our way to Netcam Studio 2.0 and collecting user response and would therefore very much appreciate if you can write something in the same cheering manner here Netcam Studio - We need YOUR support - #7 by IRandy_Marcos

Thanks again,
The Netcam Studio Team / Henrik

Sure, will do! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.