Very low frame rate - change settings in Netcam Studio

I am trying netcam studio X server connected to an IP camera. When I record I get just 1 frame per second but it’s set to 25 in record settings. Other software can record at full speed from the same camera (ex. iSpy)

Any suggestion?

Thanks for your support

Hi Marco,
Yes, that was certainly a very low frame rate. The figure of 1 FPS where do you get that? Is it the number in the lower right corner of the video from the camera or is it when you check the actually recorded FPS using VLC?
Which version of NCS do you use? Please, download the latest official release version 1.6.1.
What camera is it: brand and model.
How did you connect it? Template, onvif or custom URL?
Do you know the URL? Like http://xxxxx or rtsp://xxxxx
When ncs x is running with motion detection on or constant recording what is the cpu usage? At the bottom of ncs x window you can read that number.

Can you give me access to the camera so I can test it om my system? That would help a lot. I send you a PM where you can give me details if OK.


To summarize a longer discussion in PM.

The NCS X can be seen as the NCS Service + NCS windows client. This means that The GUI in NCS X should be treated as the windows client. In the Settings you have Client Settings. When adding a camera the the GUI is by default in Multi-View even if only one camera is connected. In the settings the default value for Multi-View Refresh Rate is set to 10 FPS. Change that to 20, 25 or 30 FPS and Save and you will have what the camera can deliver. This value is then valid for all cameras.

To get to the Single View mode in the windows client/NCSX click here and select the source.

Now the background will turn to white. In Multi View that background was black. In this mode the FPS is set to 30 FPS by default, but can be changed with the Single View Refresh Rate as in the first figure.