Video freeze at motion detection

videos recorded freeze for a second right at the moment when motion detection triggered
any one experienced that problem?

Check the CPU load in the Task manager. If it is generally very high the extra load when motion i detected can cause the freezing.

apparently it only happens when i enable push notification

Excellent you found the problem. I don’t know if this is a capacity problem or programming issue or something else so I have to forward this to our developer to look into.

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i tried setting push notification at motion finished, it solves the problem but i dint think its the optimal choice.
yea it seems programming issue to me.
thank you!

what is push notification (I saw it in Rule Manager) ? how this notification is showed and where is it pushed ?

Here is more info about Push notifications. However, it is sort of on the experimental stage i think.

There it says that the rule for push should be at motion finished.

yes but this do not explain what kind of notification it is and sent to what/who/how ?

but anyway the explanation of the 1 second freeze could be that this feature is working in synchronous mode instead of asynchonous so all the time needed for this feature to do its job will block NCS this is why I am asking, for example if the push is done thru HTTP call to an external server, then it may block the time for this HTTP request to complete and this is why there is no “visible” effect when set to send at the end of the motion event as the recording is finished.

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push notification is for mobile app, you get immediate notification on motion.

OK so I suppose NCS call an external server to send it the notification attached to some user ID and the mobile App is connected to the same central server so your mobile get notification.

So NCS have to make an HTTP (or whatever protocol) to this central server and my guess it is this step is done synchronous/blocking mode that take not long but long enought to be visible during video recording and if you do it on “motion end” event then the call is done once record is finsihed so not visible.

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I still recommend you to read the link above about push and how it works with external server, configuration etc.

I do not really care about this push notification feature (can do my own if really want to based on video files creation as I already did for other projects), but I only tried to understand how this feature work to guess an explanation.

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