Video Quality issues - V1.1.6.0

Hi there. tried the release candidate a couple of weeks ago and had issues with the video quality (as I believe so onther people had). You responded that you believed that it had to do with the downscaling.

I went back to the previous stable version (1.0.6) and didn’t have the issues.

I was forced to upgrade to the latest version as I got the Beta expired error.

I am now having the video quality issues once again, and cant find where to change the downscaling setting?

Any information you could give would be appreciated.

Please find a sample.

THese are the same camera streams viewed in VLC…

This is not recording quality issue but decoding quality issue (usually due to lack of CPU / Packet drops).

If you have 1.1.6, I have reintroduced the possibility to use VLC as decoding engine instead of the new internal one (which can create those artefacts).

Please try to switch back to VLC decoding in Settings -> Decoding Settings -> Decoding Engine -> VLC

And restart or reconnect the sources.

Please report if the problem persists while using VLC. I however presume that the cpu usage is quite high on your system when this occurs right ?

Thanks. I will give this a try and see how it goes. Yes, the CPU was at around 80%…

Where is the download, cant see it on the main site, nor searching for it here brings up any results

If you grab it from the download page you’ll get 1.1.6, it’s true that i forgot to update the version information and don’t wanted to announce officially. Apart this change nothing differs with 1.1.5.