Video Source Stopped due to inactivity

I am running Netcam studio X to streaming video to another application running in the same computer. The streaming stops (Event Logs: Source(0).TimerInactivityElapsed) due to inactivity and the only way to restarted is by stopping Netcam Studio Server and restating Netcam Studio Server. Is there a way to stop from stopping stream even if there is not activity? Do I need to run instead setup and run Netcam Studio Service?

Hi Rene!
Very interesting question! Today it is not possible to disable this feature when the stream is stopped due to inactivity. I am running this setup
and do not have the problem you mention. Test if running as service will change things. It should not be a difference, but …
Just by curiosity, what will NCS do for you since you run “another application” on the same computer?

Hi Henrik,
Thanks. My other application runs a robotic system that does many things but it can not stream and record video. I am using NCS to record a test for a few minutes when need it by the robotic application.

Aha, very interesting application. I have my background in Engineering Measurements so this interests me a lot. However, you can control NCS with external commands and enable/disable motion detection or recording that way.