Video triggered by motion sensor and not software detection

I’m planing on buying five D-link DCS-942L/E cameras and from the features list I can see they have a motion detection sensor. Is it possible that NetCamStudio triggers the video recoding when this sensor detects movement instead of using the software algorithm for motion detection.


Hi Maesitos!
The NCS software can be controlled by external commands sent by the URL, http//… and the recording started and stopped together with many other commands. However, you need a system that can generate these URLs.
Many cams have their own built in motion detection system as the DCS-942. I think they have a built in software system and also the PIR. To use that signal you need an external output. I am not sure if that is available.
Normally, when connecting cams to NCS or any other surveillance software you use that software’s motion detection system since it is much better.
If you want to use the motion detection system in the DCS you can store the files directly to a NAS or HD, but that is usually not a good solution when you have 5 cams.
I can understand that it can be of interest to use an external motion sensor to start/stop recordings in NCS if the target is out of view of the cameras.
Hm, why complicate life … :wink: ;).
If you have a very special reason for your wish maybe I can help you better.

Hi Henrik!

Thanks for your promt response. Basically I was playing arround with NCS ussing this source and the software did not start recording when my eye could see movement, maybe the trick is lowering the threshold witch I wasn’t albe to—the threshold line from the top bar did not move if I changed the threshold setting. That’s why I’ve been thinking about using the phisical sensor from the camera… I need to start recoding every single movement even if it’s a fly crossing. For me the motion detection is a way to reduce the space of the recordings but not to limit the recordings only for “importat” movements.

I see, I could host a webhook to send the HTTP requests to NCS but it doesn’t seem like an elegant solution and aditionally I don’t know what interface D-link DCS-942L/E uses so that I can request if the motion sensor is on or off… but still this solution seems like a bit complex probably.

Unfortunately, I cannot get access to that cam. I only get this

Maybe, you can give me the address before that. It seems to need login/pwd also.
"I need to start recoding every single movement even if it’s a fly crossing!. That is usually the problem. The system is to sensitive and records everything.
There are 2 parameters that you can play with. The Threshold and the Sensibility. The Threshold is about the size of the object that you want to detect. The Threshold level must be lower that the size of the object to be detected. When you change the Threshold level the line in the bar graph do not move, but the filling of the space will increase and be more “nervous”. The other parameter is the Sensibility which have to do with the movement of the object. If the object moves very slowly you need the Sensibility to be high. This will also allow rapid moving objects to be detected. Usually, you do not want insects to be detected so you lower the sensibility to not detect rapid moving objects.

For the motion detection system to start a recording both these parameters must be fulfilled. When the camera is connected to NCS it will be some work to get these parameters correct. Depending on the object it can be less or more difficult.

“For me the motion detection is a way to reduce the space of the recordings but not to limit the recordings only for “importat” movements.” I agree that motion detection is a way to reduce space, but it is mainly to catch what is going on. So to catch something you must always configure the system for that you want to have on video. Alternative, is to use continuously recording …

The camera you try against is an Axis camera that is of very good quality. The DCS cams are well priced, but you should think about the resolution that you need and also how sensitive it will be for noise in electronics and if you need night vision.

I have the DCS-942 and it do not have an external output for the trigger.

If you can give me access to the cam I can see what I can do.

I got a short glimpse of that video source and for me it is a set of still images. I do not know where you are geographically located, but I cannot use that one. To do motion detection you need a source with a steady video stream.