Videos from library will not play

My video records, and appears in the library, but when I try to play the video it does not play, it just sits at the thumbnail with the time of video at 0:00. This happens on the web browser as well as iPhone app. Recently now I get an error “The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

Hi Steve!
First, check in the Library using windows client or go to the Recordings folder that you have recorded files and can play them.
Any errors n the Event Logs?
Restart service or NCS X helps?

The videos play properly with no issues from the library location locally on the host computer. Restarting the application and server computer does not help.

Thanks. I have to forward this to @Steve for further comments.

The default settings for recording are made so that it’s a format and settings which should play fine on android, iOS and over the web.

If you change these settings you can end up in situations where the videos cannot be decoded one on one of the platform. If you have made any modifications regarding the recording settings or format. Please try wiping your settings and check if it works with default rec settings.