Views are freezing, even when in use. Hover mouse to unfreeze


to give you some info on my setup; I use a (headless) VM server where NCS is running on. In my home and office, I have 2 intel compute sticks with the client on to display the streams (multi view).

After a while I start noticing that sometimes the views starts freezing. I freaked out that my car was gone on the driveway, but after just hoovering the mouse over the view (on the computestick), my car was back :slight_smile:

@Steve told me that this is a feature, that if there is no activity, the video freezes. However, I had the issue multiple times, even:

  • The source is in use (displayed on 2 clients)
  • Motion detection is active
  • Motion is detected & recorded (events are shown in the library)

For now, I solved the issue by installing a macro recorder, which hovers the mouse every couple of minutes over all camera’s on the compute stick :slight_smile:



I am glad you car was back. Sometimes I am surprised what a click with the mouse can do :wink: Was it the latest model with that new color you always wanted? Then it´s really time to increase the license fee ;).
Either your issues comes from when thy system checks if the cam is in use or it might come from a heavy load on the CPU or on the graphics. We check this.
Always a solution for everything.


unfortunately, the only difference was that the car was more dirty :frowning:. Maybe a carwash feature should be added :slight_smile:

I have about 40% continuous load on the NCS server. If you need any more info from my side, let me know


I turned of my macro recorder over night, and I’ve got the same issue back.

On my wallscreen (compute stick) I have currently 6 views running. This morning around 10:00, 3 of them where stuck. One of the cams, filming a gate, was stuck around 1:41 this night:

On the wallscreen, just hovering the mouse (so no click) over the canvas showing the gate camera, made the image update itself, and showing again as normal.

On the NCS server, you can clearly see that there was motion recording between 1:41 and 10:00:

So there is no reason the cam/view should have gone to sleep.

The total CPU load on the server is 60-70%:

About 55% reported in NCS:

The total CPU load on the client is also 60-70%:

About 14% reported in NCS:

What do you need more from my side to debug this?



Hi again!
Thanks for all the info. I have been reading this again and I have a couple of questions to understand better.

  1. when the view is frozen NCS works, i.e. motion detection is working and it records? Answer is YES since you write “Motion is detected & recorded (events are shown in the library)”.
  2. this morning 3 of the views were stuck. Is it always for the same cameras or is it random?

NCS is running fine on your server so for me it must be something on this compute stick that makes it sleep or freeze. I checked the compute stick and NCS has never been tested in that environment so you should look for the problem there. On a normal computer the power settings should be on high performance. Capacity for streaming of 6 continuous streams? Start and test with one stream, two streams, …


Hi Henrik,

  1. indeed
  2. It seems to be the same camera’s that are freezing every time
  3. Please allow me to disagree on that :slight_smile:
  • This is a standard Windows 10 OS (64 bit) PC. It’s a non conventional form factor, with a non conventional CPU (atom), but this should not have any influence on the application itself.
  • The resources (mem/cpu/ssd/…) are not maxed out, so I don’t think it’s because of the lower specs of the compute stick.
  • Even it’s for some reason an compute stick limitation, it does not make sense that it works fine for 12 hours, and then freezes, until you simply move the mouse over the view of that cam.

I tried 1 stream before, but result was the same.


Hi Mitch!
Yes you are allowed to disagree with me on that … ;). However, … ;). I have no idea what it can be so I am just exploring possibilities.
For me “2) It seems to be the same camera’s that are freezing every time” is interesting. If you compare to the other ones are these cams different in any way? Are they connected with templates, onvif or custom URL? Or …

Yes, I agree to this - Even it’s for some reason an compute stick limitation, it does not make sense that it works fine for 12 hours, and then freezes, until you simply move the mouse over the view of that cam." That compute stick is really interesting. The price is certainly interesting. What else do you need to make it work?


Hi Mitch!

Good news. We are preparing a major new release where freezing and many more bugs etc will be taken care of. I am installing NCS just now on my own system and if you are interest to test especially the freezing please let me know.

Hi there,

sorry for the late reply. Sure. If you can send me the test version, I’m happy to test it.


Here is a link to the unofficial release of NCS 64-bit


thanks! Is there a preliminary changelog?


fyi; I recently installed a NCS system at a customer site. There we have got the exact same issue. There the viewer is running on a full PC, so not a computestick.

In version 1372 that is out now that issue should be fixed.


yes, I’ll try that. What is the upgrade proces? Just install ‘above’ the existing NCS?
Is there a changelog?


When you start an old version it notifies that it is a new one for update. However, I always uninstall the old one first and then install the new one just for safety ;).


Would be great if somebody can actually confirm this is fixed ?

I had the issues myself 1-2 times with 1.3.6 but never while debugging. I suppose that I’ve fixed it now but for some people were facing this problem quite often so confirmation would be great.

Hi Steve,

I have upgraded all servers & clients yesterday (I had the issue everywhere quite frequent). I wil report back soon if I still have the issue or not.


after 3 days of testing, I did not have a single freeze on 2 systems (with 2/3 dedicated clients). Before that, the freeze occured 2/3 times a day. So I consider this one solved :).


Thanks for your feedback and assistance!