Vivotek PZ61x4 and PT7113


Thanks for info. Yes, something fishy is going on with server 2016. I have other cams where it works and some cameras where it do not work. We are looking into this. Does it work for any of your cams? Are you running under the admin account? I am not so familiar with server 2016, but it seems that some sort of security issue where access to LAN is limited?


Installed another version of server 2016 and it works with all my different cams on LAN, on wan, over vpn etc. I am stating to think that it is port 8082 that might be the problem. Can you change that something else.


I only use internal cameras, so I use port 80 on all of them
I run windows 2016 Standard edition


If you put this in IE or FF on server 2016. Do you get the image?


I tested with some other software and they did not work either for this URL, but for all the others cams that I tested with.


Sorry for late feedback.
All cameras work fine on Windows 10


Have you any news on Windows 2012 an 2016?


We never give up so … The thing is that it do not work with VLC either. When I send the URL without login it connects to the camera, but when I enter root/0277 it just closes. I used Wireshark and analyzed the data stream and the login never leave the computer.

Well, I don’t think it´s that either after some other tests !!??



I have added an user fredrik without password
This works on internet explorer


Finally, I found why, but I do not understand why. At least it has nothing to do with root :wink:

Basic problem is that the http traffic is blocked when using VLC and NCS. Wireshark do not register any http traffic. However, using a browser works and Wireshark register the http traffic.

I am running server 2012 and server 2016 as virtual machines under VMware. I assume you do the same? I always use Bridged mode for the Network Adapter to get an IP direct from the router. Here is the problem. Changing the setting from Bridged to NAT for the VM immediately allow the http traffic from VLC and NCS to pass and it connects to your camera. When I was testing Server 2008 it was on a regular computer. But, NCS and VLC in Win10 as a VM works fine in Bridged mode. So, something in the network management seems to be missing in the Server setup. I have tested several things, but with no luck. I do not have enough knowledge here so …

Tested also server 2008 as a VM with bridged network and it works.

Something has changed in the security or network or … in server 2012/16. What´s left in the URL is the /cgi-bin(video.jpg and if that can cause any problems?

But, at least the reason is figured out and also how to make it work. Maybe you can continue to search for what is missing and to make it work also in bridged mode. Can the camera deliver an mjpeg stream?



I don’t use VM. It’s a standalone machine :frowning:


OK, but it is something with the network settings and this URL that do not match or something … I have to consult expertise here @Steve



Would you like to have access to a Windows 2016 server with RDP?


Hi Fredrik,
Thanks for the offer. I have the same problem on my server 2016 also so it is not necessary for the moment. Since I have no idea what the problem is @Steve is the person to handle it. He will be back shortly and if he needs access he will be back,


OK! (I have to write 20 chars)


Hi Henrik
Any progress with Windows server 2016?


Sorry, but no. We have not started to work with server 2016 for NCS.


Hi again,
I made some changes that I like to test. However, I cannot find IP, logins etc. to the camera. Can you send me that in the PM?


Any luck with Server 2016 yet?


Sorry, but no specific tests for server 2016. There have been many changes and updates for server 2016 since last time so maybe a new test can work.