VR CAM 360 Help?

Please help!!
I have recently purchased a Chinese Wifi IP cam. A VR CAM 360 to be exact and was wondering if there is any way of using it with either Netcam studio or Webcam XP. Im a newbie to the Surveillance setup game but im in IT so im not a complete moron. if anyone can give me some instruction on how to go about configuring my cam i would greatly appreciate it. here is a youtube video of the cam i have. thanks in advance VR CAM USE GUIDE - YouTube

Need more information. There are many Chinese cameras called 360. Search in this forum.
You can always test if the camera support the ONVIF standard. When adding the camera to Netcam Studio use the tab for ONVIF Source.

Hi thanks Henrik,

I posted the youtube video of the exact camera that i have. ive tried searching using the ONVIF and it doesnt show up.

I use an APP on my phone called VR CAM and EseeCloud3 to connect and view the cams and i use CMS on my pc to view them but the functions are limited with these software.

Ok ive tried pretty much everything. So if my cam doesnt support ONVIF then it wont work with this software?? Can the cam not be added to the list of available cameras that is supported?? or is there perhaps a camera in the list that would work as a generic?? Thanks for any help offered.


That´s the problem with these Chinese cameras since they are very anonymous. Many cameras have ONVIF today, but without it it is difficult.
To connect to the software you need the URL on how to communicate with the camera. When you have that use the tab for Custom URL.
Maybe there is a template that will work ………

I made a quick search and maybe one of these will work:

Here is a link discussing Chinese cameras in our forum http://community.netcamstudio.com/t/new-camera-from-china/1030/36

In the configuration of the camera it is sometimes possible to figure out the URL.