Wanscam HW0024 720P

Hi, I bought this camera, “http://www.gearbest.com/surveillance-camera-system/pp_379859.html” and I’m trying to connect it, but there’s no model of it. How can I solve the problem and connect it?
Thank you

First, try to connect using some of the other templates for Wanscam.
According to the specifications the camera support the Onvif protocol. When you add the camera in Netcam Studio you use the tab Onvif source. This will give you video and audio, but not PTZ. To also have PTZ functionality the commands for that is necessary to find and also to make a template in which the video/audio communication and the PTZ commands are combined. To find the PTZ commands are always a little bit difficult. An easy way is to connect the camera using for example another Wanscam and see if the PTZ is working. If you find that we can reuse the PTZ commands in that template and with the correct url for video/audio create a new template.