Wansview cam Connection failed with 1.9.0, ok with 1.8.1

Hello, I have a Wansview 541W cam, which worked fine on 1.8.1, now does not work on 1.9.0.
I have checked that I can still access the cam via chrome and I.E.
The error message on NCS Client is ‘Connection Failed’
When using ‘Test Camera Connection’ is used, the error message is
‘Video failed with error: Timeout connecting to viedo source’
‘Audio failed with error: NotTested’
Regards John

Hi John,
Yes. In the meantime please revert back to version 1.8.1

Rollback does not work, it seems 1.9.0 makes changes to config etc files, which stop 1.8.1 running.

Is there any work around, so I can put 1.8.1 back please?

How many cam and Wansview cams do you have?

3 only using one at present.

OK, fine. Do this:
-write down all info how you connect the cameras to Netcam Studio.
-start installation program and select Remove. It can be for 181 or 190.
-go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server
-copy the file Lic.dat to a safe place. You need it later.
-delete all files and folders. If you have any recordings in the Library that you want to keep do not delete that folder.
-install NCS 1.8.1 again.
-copy back Lic.dat.
-start NCS and add the camera.

Now NCS version 1.8.1 should be running. I hope we can release an updated version shortly.


Hello, To re-input all my cams details will take a long time I have 12 cams on one and 16 on the other! Plus the keys I’m also using.
Seems I’m suck with the broken cam until a fix comes out :frowning:


There should be no difference in camera related configuration between 1.8.x and 1.9.0

Other settings did change but not related to the camera.

If it say connection time out then please check the exact same url / config in VLC to see what it gives.

Eventually and if even rollback didn’t work, just try to restart camera (sometime they may be in strange shape and require a reboot but unlikely it would happen on multiple cameras at the same time).

@Henrik Have you heard any other similar report since 1.9.0 has been released ?

Yes, this one, but it works for me now. 2 Feeds Conflict on new Netcam 1.8.1 & 1.9.0

Have tested cam, works fine.



Hi John,
VLC is a video/IP cam player that must be installed to play recordings from the Library in NCS. On the download page at www.netcamstudio.com you have a link to that software.