Wansview cameras with WebcamXP

I have several Wansview cameras (1080P W2 - Black) that we use at work on our security system. In that case, we are using them with a licensed version of Netcam Studio and they work great. Since we can’t pick Wansvew W2 as the model since it is not listed, we have found that picking the Wansview NCM625M works just fine. I know it’s a different model but the camera must be close enough to work and it works well. I bought two of the same Wansview W2 cameras for home use and want to use them with a free version of WebcamXP since I only have two cameras. As with Netcam Studio, the Wansview W2 camera is not an option but the Wansview NCM625M is listed. But in WebcamXP, picking that one does not work. Nor does any other Wansview model. I’ve also tried all of the options I can think of in WebcamXP to “see” these cameras but no luck. Wondering if there is some other make/model that is close enough to the Wansview W2 camera that I can pick. Or if there is another way that I’m not thinking of to connect to the W2 cameras with WebcamXP. The cameras work fine at home and can connect to my home network just fine. The free version of Netcam Studio can see them too - just like the licensed version. Any help in getting these to work with WebcamXP would be greatly appreciated.

My first reaction is of cause why not use Netcam Studio since it works and is free for two cameras since you will not buy a license?

I think I will eventually just buy a license because I like how Netcam Studio works and eventually will have 3 or 4 cameras. I’ve had WebcamXP operating for quite awhile (before I found Netcam Studio) and I like that too (a little simpler than Netcam Studio). I just found it odd that the cameras work in one and not the other when choosing the same make/model as an equivalent.