Wansview NCM625W, need Pan & Tilt support

I need the PTZ function in netcamstudio for this camera:
Wansview NCM625W (not in compatible camera list)
about camera. http://amzn.com/B0176CTRJY
The videostream works with custom URL rtsp://user:password@
Stream Type is MPEG4
The camera is online and can be tested. Login access by PM.
Please help me!

I have managed to connect to your camera and extract the commands for Pan & Tilt.

My problem now is that it’s required to authenticate using Digest and not Basic authentication and that the implementation of Digest on this camera looks strange (it requires the parameters to be part of the uri which is apparently not how .NET consider Digest authentication has to be sent).

Here are the different commands I have found:

RTSP /live/ch0 (port 80)

Auth Digest

GET /hy-cgi/ptz.cgi?cmd=ptzctrl&act=home
GET /hy-cgi/ptz.cgi?cmd=ptzctrl&act=stop
GET /hy-cgi/ptz.cgi?cmd=ptzctrl&act=up
GET /hy-cgi/ptz.cgi?cmd=ptzctrl&act=down
GET /hy-cgi/ptz.cgi?cmd=ptzctrl&act=left
GET /hy-cgi/ptz.cgi?cmd=ptzctrl&act=right

Unfortunately I’m afraid that I won’t manage to look further and fix this before coming back in mid-march.