Wansview PTZ IP Camera NCL616W


I have the Multi-Function PTZ IP Camera NCL616W, works great with IE and Firefox. When I try to get it to work with Netcam Studio, there
isn’t a listing for this model camera in the drop down menu. I have ver of the software but can’t seem to find any updates for this
camera. I used it with Teamvierer to check on things and the PTZ works. I also have the paid version of WebcamXP and of course
that doesn’t have the camera listing either. Also how do I get a paid version of Netcam Studios? Thanks Jim


Hi Jim!
There are so many different cameras on the market today so it is impossible to have a template for all. However, since you are using Netcam Studio it is quite easy to add the camera by using Custom URL. There you enter the http or rtsp URL depending on how to communicate with the camera and if it supports mjpeg, mp4, h.264, … format. If you can find that information in the camera manual or sometimes from the configuration of the camera or do a search on the web it is “easy” to continue.

To pay for a license of the NCS please go to http://www.netcamstudio.com/Order where you select the number of sources for the license and then continue to the payment area.

Pls, report back when you maybe some more information and we can continue.



Hi Jim!
How are things going? I found the information about the rtsp. In NCS you can add a camera using Custom URL. Use that and set stream type to rtsp_tcp and use this URL:

Hm. I am getting uncertain if that will work. Test also:
Set stream type to mjpeg. The URL

Getting PTZ is a little bit tricky to find out the specific commands to the camera, but it is not impossible. But, maybe you already have these commands?