Way too high bandwidth for remote viewing / inefficient CODEC

I have been playing around with the free version for a couple days now and I believe the software is porfect for my needs except for one massive failure… I have played with the settings to no end and I just cannot stop it from using tons of bandwidth for the remote viewing stream.

All I can change is a slider for “jpeg/mjpeg” quality. At the highest quality the 1920x1080 stream is like 70 Mbps! At the lowest it is 8.8 Mbps (twice the camera’s 4 Mbps RTSP feed) and looks TERRIBLE.

What am I missing??? On the LAN, it’s not really a big deal but viewing from my cell phone using their network is a slide show, maybe 1-2 Fps. I only have 25 Mbps upstream total from my ISP.

Will Netcam Studio ever support a more efficient CODEC for streaming? Or again, am I doing something wrong?


Yes, there is something there we are looking into. However, when you setup a user account you can limit the user bandwidth.

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Well, that’s very good to know that it is on the radar. I did notice limiting the bandwidth but as I am sure you realize, that just makes the quality even worse. I can’t believe more people don’t complain about it but maybe remote monitoring isn’t a big use scenario with the user base.

As a somewhat workaround, I can use the remote monitoring feature of the camera itself to see a beautiful 25 fps 1080 stream but if I wind up getting a few more ip cams, that gets less and less convenient.

Anyhow, I REALLY hope Moonware can implement something better because that is the one thing that is far superior in a traditional retail hardware NVR.