WbcamXP 7 PRO display camera name problem on the web

Hello am using webcamxp 7 pro i’ve added my cameras and the internal web server is running, but when i access the cameras on the web using the IP address of the internal web server running , the cameras will display but without it names, so thats makes it hard to identify which camera you are watching
. please help me enable the name of the cameras on the WEB not just the camera number .thank you
attachment bellow is a sample of what i am saying

Hi afcom!
You are the first “caller” from your country, so welcome!
Nice pictures of hardware. If possible, can you please take a picture or a screen dump of the web and attached it here. That will make it a little bit easier for me.

Hi Henrik
Thanks fro getting back to me , here’s a picture ot it


i want the name of each camera display with it. as you can see the name of the cameras is not tagged with them, so it makes it hard to identify the location . am using this software for 25 camera

With 25 cams I understand that this is necessary. Sorry, but that seems not to be possible in webcam7 pro, only source 1 … One way to add a camera name is to set that in the configuration of each camera.Still Source 1, … but in Multiview you will at least have a name of the camera. Another solution is to use Netcam Studio with both a mobile web client and a web client with source number and a name of your choice.

Sine Webacm 7 is not a solution for me and i really need it , how do i upgrade from a purchase Webam 7 Pro to a purchase Netcam studio . I purchased the current Webcam 7 pro am using about two month ago
please help

First, download Netcam Studio and test it so it works for you, http://netcamstudio.com/ It is a full version and the two first cams are for free. You can add more cameras, but you will have a red banner over the other cams.
Second, since you recently bought the license for webcam7 pro you can change that to a license for Netcam Studio for the same amount of money. Contact support on Netcam Studio - Network Camera Surveillance Software and describe that you want to change and with details of purchase and current license number.

Good luck,