Weather proof battery powered wifi ip camera

Im looking for an outdoor, battery powered, wifi ip camera to work with Netcam Studio X (x64) v1.7.0.0 .

Any recommendations?

Thank you.

Sorry, but no experience in this. I searched using the same title as you have and found a lot of interesting articles. In the forum I found this Plumeria Timelapse so maybe Dodfr can assists or someone else.


Who summoned me ? :wink:

Yes there are a few battery powered models but … you will not find any of those working 24/24 providing a permanent streaming because it uses a lot of power.

Basically if you have a 12V cam that uses let say 1 Amp per hour this will be 12W/h * 24 = 288W/h per day and of course you have to be able to keep this all night long and also charge the battery during the day so you’ll need to go Solar for this.

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