Web client Gallery and Timeline issue


I have been testing NS for about a month now and found it an exellent surveillance program. But, while it is convenient to browse mp4 files directly, gallery and timeline functions (web client) are aweful. Namely, gallery strongly lacks options to switch the order of videos (earlier first) and an option to choose amount of videos per page. Option to switch to 24h format is also welcome. As for timeline, it is practically unusable. There is no way to specify time period and scale (which is absurd for this function). And while it is possible to scale in timeline by double click, i have not found any combination to scale it back (and i have tried many).
So, basically, if a person have access to the folder with videos themselves, he is golden. Otherwise he is screwed.

If there is a config file, that can change aformentioned behavior, i’d be gratefull for the info.


Thanks for input. Yes, I certainly agree that it is an excellent program. That´s why I also bought it from the beginning and now are assisting in the forum. Yes, and i also agree with you that some functions and interface should be developed further. However, I am not sure that agree with you about the timeline.

  • put the mouse pointer on the blue line and right click and you can move the time line.
  • put the mouse pointer over the blue line and scroll and you can scale.
  • 24h format I cannot change, but I would very much like that also.

The sources are available here:

Changes can be applied locally directly by modifying or copying content into:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Netcam Studio\WebServer

However, of cause I will forward your suggestions and recommendations to our developers.
Thanks for your input and if you do some development fell free to show us. You never know ;).!


Thanks a lot! I have not tried scrolling while hovering over timeline - it covers most of the needed functions. Although it is still would be usefull to be able to specify time period (when you scale up to months it stutters) for quick navigation within said period.

I shall look into sources, thank you!


Wow I am evaluating and was missing some timeline feature. Glad I searched the forum here! That timeline is one nifty web feature. I’m going to have to try different browsers and also see if I can change default embedded viewer I assume through browser or system prefs. Currently I don’t have any ability for 2x, 4x, etc. It would be amazing if multi-camera playback on the timeline were possible!

I’m almost ready to jump in with y’all as a user of the program. Just want to make sure my night view motion detection can get worked out first.


This has great potential but I am having some usability problems with trying to select a clip. If I roll over any other clip on the way to the video window, it seems to cause focus to shift to those random videos.

Hopefully it will continue to evolve into something amazing. It might be nice to embed this view into the NCS client app for easy access!