Web client: Header and Footer is now included in the scrolling

Hi! This is for the web client. In the earlier versions 0.9.xx the header and footer in the Library view were fixed, i.e. only images were part of the scrolling. In new versions the header and footer are included in the scrolling of the whole page. Much better when header and footer were fixed. Easier to change between sources, dates and also changing page 1, 2, 3, … Also the date and time formates were correct. If you use 24h format the Library should also use the 24h format in start/end settings.

Header / footer was modified in order to display properly in all browsers (apart IE10) which wasn’t the case before.

Regarding the web client, users are welcome to modify and customize it if the provided design / layout doesn’t suit.

The sources are available here (and allows retrieving the previous version if needed):

Changes can be applied locally directly by modifying or copying content into:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Netcam Studio\WebServer

In case of fixes or improvement that makes sense for other users, feel free to make a pull request on github.

Regarding the format (already reported), we’ll have a look at it next time we plan to release an update of the web client.

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