Web connections - NCS runs on Raspberry pi3

Ncs works very well on Raspberry pi3 and i would like tu use it as a permanent monitor.
How can i login directly without type the password on broswer?

Hi Paolo!
Very interesting that you run NCS on Raspberry pi3! Users are interested in that, but I have never seen any results how it works. If you have the time to just write something about how many cameras, resolution, motion detection etc. it is very much appreciated.

Login to NCS without any credentials, no username and no password, it not possible due to security. There are Tokens involved in this also so need some assistance from @Steve to give you a correct answer.


Is there any more information on this subject? I would very much like to run WepcamXP or NCS on a Raspberry Pi3. I have looked at the “Wine” program to allow Windows programs to run on Linx, but have not tried it yet.


I’m using a Raspberry as permanent monitor with modify html page . It works great with a %processor no more the 60%