Web server how to?

I run a web server with a web page so I can view my cameras fast/easy. The html is built by Netcam putting my servers IP address of
But the web page never displays any images that way even with port forwarding, so I have to put http://www.myserver.com:8100 and then it works fine. Anyone know what to do? I just feel like if my html file is pointing back through the internet for my web server, it’s using a lot of bandwith, I don’t know.

What you want to do is not a problem. It´s more of using the correct IP numbers. From your description I cannot follow where the NCS server and your web server are located. But when you use myserver.com I assume that myserver.com is a ddns that points to a public IP that is your IP to your modem/router. is the local LAN IP for the NCS server. which you cannot use in the html code. Sorry, but you need to describe a little better since most likely it´s just about using the correct IP.

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