Web Service API

Hi ,

I have been trying to format a Web Service Request to move (Pan) camera 1 to the Right and then stop it.
I believe it is similar to the sample:
http://localhost:8124/Json/GetCameras?authToken=my token
but I have not discovered the correct format. I believe the commands are:
Does anyone know the correct format to pan the camera?

Good thinking! To pan the camera you need the URL that is specific for that camera model in the same way as the url is specific to get the video/audio from the camera. The rtsp for a camera is quite easy to find for non-chinese/cheap brands, but the ptz url is something that manufacturers often keep for them selves. That’s why the ONVIF standard was developed to make life easier. :slight_smile:
A good idea is usually to test other templates from the same manufacturer. Sometimes one is lucky :slight_smile:
Another way is to use Fiddler or Wireshark that examines the data traffic where you can see in clear text what http commands are sent between software and camera.

Hi Henrik,
Thanks for the quick reply. I have been using Axis camera API’s for many years. They usually show an example command and I can work from that.

This camera is a Chinese ONVIF camera, but I have not been able to format the ONVIF PTZ commands and have it work. Online ONVIF references (that I have found) do not give me any examples that I could make work. My plan was to use Netcam Studio Web Service API’s PTZ Commands to move the camera.

Of course the camera manufacturer does not respond to any requests for information!


Hi Dave,
Have you been doing this for other cameras like Axis so you know that the principle works?

Hi Henrik,

Yes, I have been using the Axis API for many years. At fist I used BASIC for the programming, but later changed to WinBatch, which is what I still use. I never did learn "C"

Basically using API commands, I move the camera to a Preset, and save a snapshot, then pan the camera right (or left) the correct number of degrees, save another picture, etc for as many pictures as I want to get the panorama view I want. Then upload all the images to the website. One of my sites using an Axis P5415-E is here: ``[http://telecamsystems.com/stageharbor/index.htm](http://telecamsystems.com/stageharbor/index.htm) From there you can visit others.




OK, that´s very nice.