Webcam 7 error - File access denied


My webcam 7 software is giving me an error saying “File access denied” when i try to add a web camera to web cam 7 on my second laptop.
I already have the camera installed on my primary laptop but want to move it to the secondary PC.

I have tried re-installing the software on the second laptiop, but it did not help

If you can provide some ideas what the problem might be, i can try to elimiate these.


Hi Martin,
Just so I understand. On your primary laptop you have Webcam7 and the webcam installed and it works fine. On the second laptop you have Webcam7 installed and when you move the webcam to the second laptop and try to connect to the webcam you get this File access denied? If you connect the webcam first and then start Webcam7, still a problem? If you test with Skype or another webcam software does it work?

Hi Henrik,

The web cam is an ip camera in a production area, so I do not physically move the camera from one pc to the other.

I haven’t tested with a “normal” household web Camera. I will do so tomorrow.


Aha, webcams are usually usb cams :slight_smile: OK, so it is an IP camera. What camera is it? Do you connect using a template or the Moonware Source Filter?
If you run both PC´s with webcam 7 at the same time this might be why. Most of the IP cameras can only deliver one stream at the time so this camera might block the second computer, maybe.
Any special reason for using Webcam 7? Since you are using IP cameras I would recommend to use Netcam Studio instead. Much better.