Webcam 7 not connecting to some cameras


I noticed a camera connection error while restarting my computer so I opened Webcam 7 Pro and two of my cameras are no longer connecting. None of the info has changed and I can access them directly by typing in their IP address. Camera 1 is working fine but when I try to connect to camera 2 or 3 I get “An error occurred while connecting to the video source X”.

Any ideas why this might happen or how to fix it?




Hi Ranft!
I would just delete these teo cameras and add them again.
There have been some problems lately when Windows updates.


I removed the other cameras and tried again. I can connect to any of my three cameras on video source 1 but nothing after that.


Hi again,
Unfortunately you are not the only one with this problem and it seems to be from updates of Windows 7/10. So far the problem has been solved by a complete uninstallation including the folder in ProgramData. Before this make sure you have all information on how to connect to the cameras again. Install the program again and add cameras.
Make sure that you have all the latest Windows updates installed.


I was hoping to avoid that because it’s always a pain to reinstall software. However, I wrote down all of my settings, uninstalled the old software and without rebooting (because other programs were running) reinstalled the Webcam software.

Thankfully all of my settings were still there, I only had to change the IP addresses for the two missing cameras and everything is back in order.

Thanks for your help.