Webcam 7 Pro / Need template for Dahua PTZ camera

I have been using Webcam 7 Pro for more than 5 years. Really like it.
It is possible to make this cam work with webcam 7:
Dahua SD40212T-HN Network Camera

And to use with H.264H encode mode instead of mjpeg mode?

Greetings from Croatia

Welcome to the forum and I am happy you like the software.
Today there are so many IP cameras on the market that it is very difficult to keep up with new templates. For the Webcam series software we have therefore developed the Universal Source Filter Universal Source Filter - Moonware Studios . Install that and you can connect your IP cameras. In the specifications of both cameras I can see that they are ONVIF compliant which makes it more easy to connect to the software using h-264 or MJPEG or … You will have video and audio. PTZ is today not supported.
Good luck,

Henrik, thank you for your help, we made it finally :slight_smile:.
Another thing that interests me is it possible to edit the template of a web page generated by the webcam 7 application ?


Unfortunately, you cannot edit the web page generated in webcam7 since it is hard coded into the software.
If you have the time I would recommend you to download Netcam Studio and test that. You have the software fully functional for two cameras. In NCS you can very easy connect the cameras. Also, you can generate the HTML code for the camera streaming and embed that code in your favorite web page.