Webcam XP (v5.9.5.0 Build 39542) won't shut down

This is the free version, running on Win-XP-Pro (sr3). Though its dated, its a pretty robust machine and the program works adequately, though it is a resource hog (understandable with 2 cameras set to fairly high resolution). My issue is that once I start the program, there is only one way to shut it down, and that is to go into the task manager and force it. Choosing “Exit” from the file menu still leaves it active in my tray. I used to get a right click menu from the tray icon with an “EXIT” option, but it didn’t work either. I’m sure shutting things down from the task manager is NOT good, and may leave me with a damaged file system. Any help appreciated.

Hi For some time ago a user had also problem with WebcamXP and cams with higher resolutions. That was running under win10. WebcamXP crashed once a day. The resolution of the cam was 1920x1080 pixels. He changed to Netcam Studio and it runs with no problems.
WebcamXP/7 are designed from webcams with a low or moderate resolution and the software is the upgraded for IP cams and higher resolutions. However, it seems that there is a problem with high resolution. What is the resolution of your cams?
If you run the software with no cams, do you still have the problem?
If you add one camera, do you still have that problem?

Since you are running on a good old winXP machine it is not possible to use Netcam Studio since that need at least win 7.

Very strange, but it works now. Changing the resolution didn’t help, but after pulling out both USB cords to the two cameras, the exit worked fine. After re-connecting and re-adjusting to the higher resolution again, and re-starting the program, the exit continued to work as expected. I’m at a loss now because I wouldn’t have posted had I not observed the problem for several days of experimentation, co I’m not super confident it won’t come back. But at least I see that its not a “hard” bug. I am using a lot of the available features, including motion detection, and sending me emails with photos. I(ts possible that the program resists being shut down in the middle of certain operations, and further possible that once the “EXIT” gets ignored once, that behavior will continue. But at any rate, worst comes to worst, i see that if I disable the cameras I can shut it down normally. Considering all it does for a free version, I can certainly live with that. Thanks for the input!

Aha, USB cams. If the USB cams are identical the USB system have difficulties sometimes to distinguish between the two cams and get confused. There you likely have the source.