Webcam7 Digitus DN-16046


I bought a camera from Digitus.

Model Number: Digitus DN-16046

This Camera ist not supported from webcam 7.

What can i do? I can’t buy a new cam. Gives a camera mode that this typ supported?

Please help me.


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Yes, we can probably fix that, but we need to do some work first. I have some suggestions for you to start with.
1.Test with another model of Digitus. Does that work?

2.If alternative 1 do not work it gets a little bit more complicated since we need to find how to communicate with the camera.
From the specification I can see that the camera have audio. If you want audio we must use the protocol rtsp since that includes both video and audio. Want audio?
3.Is it possible for you to switch to Netcam Studio, ? I am asking because Netcam Studio is the next generation of Webcam7 and is more adapted to work with IP cameras and especially in this case.
4.If you must use webcam7 you need to install the Universal Source Filter first that let us use Custom URL for connecting the camera. How you install that can you find here This filter is already built in NCS.
5.The specification of the camera says it supports ONVIF. If that is true I suggest you switch to Netcam Studio since NCS support ONVIF and then it is easy to connect the camera.

So, first decide webcam7 or Netcam Studio and follow the above and then come back for finding the rtsp://xxxxxxx for connecting to the camera.

I just chated with Digitus support and the URL to get audio and video is:

for use in NCS or webcam with Universal Source filter use this for Custom URL:
Stream type is: rtsp_TCP

I think the camera can deliver 2 streams so test also this for an alternative resolution. The resolution can be set in the camera configuration.
Stream type is: rtsp_TCP