WebCam7 Pro - Alarm - Record Video - Fast forwarded?


Hi All,

I have Webcam 7 Pro setup with a TENVIS IProbot3 HD (Wired connection).
Everything is working at a basic level, however when I setup Motion detection with “Record Video” the video file when played (in VLC player) is in “fast motion” and is not a flowing video (like snapshots…)…

My expectation was that video would be recorded in “normal” time and video, not “snapshots” in a video file?

Anyone have an explanation for this, do I have a setting wrong?




Do you have possibility to upload a video file somewhere so that I can review the result.

On screen for real-time preview it’s the normal rate and displayed smoothly ?


Hi, Thanks for the response.

Yes on screen “live” is smooth flowing, but the alert video is not.

Funny this is, when there is motion in the video the time skips forward very quickly. When the motion is over the time goes back to normal… strange.

Video included for your reference.
Video Example


Because the last 20 frames from motion detection are kept in memory and inserted at the beginning of the movie when the MD trigs the recording.

Modify the interval of the motion detection to something like 200ms and the introduction of the movie should be smoother (still a bit faster but smoother). Change it to 40ms (25fps) and then it will be unoticable (but use more CPU).


This is to allow having normally also trace of the 2 seconds before the motion was detected however it then depends on what is available in memory for doing so.


Thanks, Looking better now… Have to compromise a little as my CPU is near exhausted, am looking at getting a more powerful server (HP micro server now).

Issue Resolved!

Thanks Admin!



I have a new Intel i5 machine with 8GB memory and SSD disk, I have the interval set to 0.05 (50ms) but I still am seeing large stuttering on the videos.
Anything else I can look at to try and resolve this?