Webcam7 vs Logitech c930e


I have a brand new Logitech c930e webcam and it works perfectly on my Windows 10 PC with all apps. But when I try to set it up in Webcam7 it doesn’t work, cannot see the video. With the previous c270 it was good. Any idea?
Thanks in advance!

The Resolution is default set to Automatic. Change that to a resolution the camera can deliver. That might help.
Also make sure that you have the correct driver for the camera installed.

Dear Henrik,

thank you for your answare, but I’ve already tried these. The driver is fresh, now I updated the firmware as well, but no success. Every other app can you prfectly this device the only exception is the Webcam7, no mather, what resolution I try to set. Btw it’s a FullHD webcam, and the Webcam7 doesn’t even offer this to set (1920x1080), only lowers. I’m affraid it will be some device support issue. Do you know any other webcam software, which provides for ex. a webserver, so I can reach the live view remotely and record as well?

Then I don´t know. I am running 2680x1520 resolution through webcam7 so that is not the problem. You can download our software Netcam Studio It is free for two sources. There you have what you ask for and much more.

I tried and it works perfectly, thank you very much. Only one question. Where can I set the location of recorded videos? I recorded from my Iphone a few seconds, btu I cannot find it anywhere.

Good! If you want to look at the record video you find them under the menu Library in the web client and App. If you want to change the default storage location go to Settings - Library in the progrsm.