WebcamXP and Open Broadcaster Software

HI and Happy New Year.

I have a Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I camera and I’m struggling to get Open Broadcaster Software to get an image for the camera.

Using Webcam 7 Pro broadcast HTTP I have no problems streaming camera images, its the interface to OBS that I can’t configure.

On the OBS IPCam Properties I have selected Template Mode, and the correct camera and I’ve tried numerous permutation’s of IP Address including rtsp:// but I can’t get anything to show.

Can some kind sole tell me where I’m going wrong please.



Hi! I am not familiar with WebcamXP, but usually when using rtsp protocol you need to add the credentials so rtsp://username:password@

If you are using the free version I would recommend you to move to the NetCam Studio free version if there are no special reason for the WebcamXP. Please, report back how it goes.

Hi Henrik,

Thanks for taking the time to help me, I certainly tried using netcamstudio but still struggled, so I went back to trying to get OBS to work and I can report success!!

Within OBS when you add a video capture device, a menu opens for device selection, within the dropdown menu was IP Camera, entering configuration for this was my make and model of IP Camera and this is where I was going wrong, I should have looked at other options within the Camera Brand and selected webcamXP.

Entering the rest of the IP settings from Webcam 7 Broadcast (HTTP) page, everything fired up ::smile:

Thanks again,


Excellent! I wish you a good Surveillance Year!