webcamXP does not properly save settings


I have four IP cmeras from two pcs connected to my “server”:

  • IP Address 1 - Camera Number 1
  • IP Address 1 - Camera Number 2
  • IP Address 2 - Camera Number 1
  • IP Address 2 - Camera Number 2

I now want to rearrange these cameras, e.g. switch the first and second.

I go into source settings, change Camera Number from 1 to 2, hit “Save” and “OK” - fine.
I do this for the other camera, too, change #2 to #1 - fine.
I go to the file menu and select “Save settings” - fine.

I close webcamXP and exit it in the system tray - fine.

I restart the webcamXP service - THE OLD SETTINGS HAVE BEEN RESTORED! :frowning:

Do I do anything wrong, or is this a bug?


I just checked it, and it definitely is “only” a problem of saving new settings “into the service”.
If I disconnect and delete the camera, add and reconnect it with different parameters - it will work, settings are properly stored.
But this is only a workaround, because it is a nuisanceto do this… especially if I want to change something on the first camera in the row.


The fact you use the “source settings” at some stage seems to mean that you are using an external filter / driver to connect the sources (like our Moonware Ultimate filter). In this case settings are not stored at webcamXP level (because it has no knowledge about this configuration) but at filter level.


The order is defined by instance number displayed in the filter and webcamXP will normally connect them in instance number (1,2,3,4) but this cannot be guaranteed in this case.


I do not fully understand this, but you are right, I am using all these cameras as “IP camera” of type webcamXP - simply because the hardware is connected to two other computers where webcamXP is running as a “camera server”, and all these are bundled on my web server. The last one is where the “problem” occurs.
Anyway, I was confused that it seems to work when setting up a camera/connection for the first time, but that it does not seem to be changed after that. (Actually, it CAN be changed, but the change is only persistant until I close the webcamXP GUI.)
But as this seems to be by design, and there IS a workaround, I can “live” with that :slight_smile:


If they are connected as ip cameras in webcamxp then should be ok however you should never edit them using ‘Sources settings’ but through webcamxp’s internal wizard / dialog


Yes, this does the trick. Thank you.