WebcamXP- Issue setting defaultt video format

Hello. I keep setting in source setting the default resolution for my Foscam R2 cameras as 1024x600. However, every time I reconnect the source, it reverts to 640x480. Any ideas how to fix this permanently?


Just an idea. Can you go into the configuration on the camera and set the 1024x600 as default?

I have done that. But the default camera resolution does not appear to affect how it is displayed in WebcamXP.

Any other ideas why the software is not holding the default settings?

Thanks again for the help!

How do you connect it to NCS? By a predefined template or by custom url or … In case of custom url provide the url you use.
I read that the camera is ONVIF compliant. Use the tab for ONVIF Source and see what happens.