WebcamXP Pro / unsupported camera

Hello, I try to add a new camera (Denver -electronics , IPO -320 ) but fail all the time. I think I tried all the variants. Would appreciate if anyone could give me some new tips to make it work . I’m using Win dows XP , and webcamXP PRO ( last update)

Thank you!

Hi Lars! In WebcamXP there are no Templates for Cams from Denver electronics at all what I can see so I understand that you do not find something that work. I have looking around and I have not found any info about this cam. A resolution of 640x480 do net get that much attention today. The only thing I can fins is their support of app for Android and iPhone. What do the manual say for connection and also in the configuration of the camera they sometimes give a hint on how to connect. I checked the manual and they use port 99, What happens if you in the browser write http://ipnumber:99/ Send a mail to their support and ask for connection info. I assume they use MJPEG for this resolution.

Thanks for quick reply.

I use webcamXP templates
I get in the information box
Connection initialzed (no picture , black )
Video source: IP camera (JPEG / MJPEG )
Resolution : 640x480
After 30 seconds : Connection closed
I have contacted the Denver- electronic for connection info.