webcamXP Service - high processor load normal?

After updating my Win 10 to that Creator’s Update, I encounter a very high CPU load nearly always.
(This is a thing many users report, so not your fault :wink: ).
Anyway, I see that webcamXP service usually uses between 25% and 35% of one CPU (Intel Core6 Quad CPU Q6600) on an 8 GB computer. I am not sure how much this was before the WIndows Update.
(I have connected two USB cameras to that machine, and the only service running is webcamXP’s web server.)
Have you any information or idea whether this is normal or not?

It´s difficult to say since you do not know what it was before the update. So far we have no reports on increased cpu load of ncs or webcamxp after an update. I run

and do not see any increase in cpu load.