Webcamxp socket 10054 error

I am having issue getting email notification when running windows 10. It worked fine on my windows 7 boot partition but on windows 10 i keep getting this error

Please help!

Hi! Here are some suggestions.

  • in your Google security settings turn on Allow less secure apps.
  • since it worked in win 7 and not in win 10 check if it is a problem with the firewall or if an antivirus program is interfering.

Google already set to low. Firewall disabled and antivirus disabled and still won’t send.

Ports also forwarded.

Please try port 465 (SSL) instead of 587 (TLS)

If I use that port. It just hangs at. " adding cam xxxxx"

Does the same thug if I use yahoo.

OK, then we have some other problem. Time to sort out if it is the computer or the mail client in NCS that is the problem.

  1. on the same computer can you connect to gmail using another mail client like outlook, windows live mail or …
  2. from the mail client in NCS can you connect to maybe your personal email account if that is different from gmail and yahoo?
  3. if you haven’t already done this remove and install NCS again if might be that easy ;). Then also remove the files in the ProgramData folder -> Moonware that is not removed.


I don’t have netcam studio

But yes i can send email using the outlook app on windows 10 to gmail if that is what you are asking for.

Sorry, I meant webcamXP.

  • number 1 is OK.
  • 2 and 3? NCS -> webcamXP.


Do you know if there is a limit now with Gmail regarding the number of attachment / size of email ?

As we can see webcamXP is trying to attach 20 pictures which I know was ok some time ago but since gmail changed a bit policies, maybe this is why it’s rejected now ?

Gmail have the 25 MB limit which is the sum of the email text and encoded attachments. But, this is nothing new. Yahoo have the same limitation.

I just tried netcam studio. And this program works. So i think webcamxp just doesnt want to work with my system.

But im having issue finding out how to get the alert to capture an image and send it to my email. This program is not as simple as webcamxp.

Hi! It is strange that webcamxp do not work, but good that you changed to NCS.
First you set the camera in motion detection, right-click on the camera image. There you several settings. Don´t forget to set the schedule also for motion detection.
Second, go to Settings -> Notifications and Synchronizations. Enable Email and fill in the form and Save.
If you have only 1 camera this is fine. If you have several cameras you will receive the same mail when any of the cams are triggered for motion detection. If you want to separate and have a specific mail for a specific camera, then you can go to the Rula Manager and customize that. More info about this in the manual.
Good luck and you are always welcome back.

Thanks for the help!