webcamXP upload FTP error

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Unable to connect to
50 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry

Anyone know how to reset auto FTP upload? Been running this for years without issue and now getting an error message about 50 users already logged in?

Always tricky, so just an idea. Somehow it seems that the logout process have failed during these years and accumulated 50 users? Usually, inactive users are automatically logged out after some time, … Since is blocking contact their support. They should have (or you should have) logfiles for the account so they can see what is going on. The account might be hacked?

I did an update to WebcamXP and instead switched to their Netcam Studio. Seems to be working fine and uploading again for now? I couldn’t tell if the problem was on the webcam side or the wunderground side? Hopefully it doesn’t act up again but I have never seen that max 50 users error before?