WebcamXP Won't Open

Hello. I am new here and appreciate the help in advance. I have a broader question on my continued use of WebcamXP but will post under a separate thread.

My immediate question is: I am using WebcamXP on a Windows 10 computer and up until last week, everything was fine. Now, I cannot get WebcamXP to open at all. I have tried compatibility mode, run as administrator, and opened shortcuts, from the actual file in Program Files in the C drive, etc. Does anyone know why the program will not open? WebcamXP is also set to launch at startup but that is not happening either. I am wondering if Windows 10 had a recent update and now it won’t work? This problem is isolated on my computer to just WebcamXP.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Thanks for info. I have this on another computer also.
Can you describe this update if possible. From Windows version and what you have now. Also which version of WebcamXP you run.
The latest Windows introduced several new Privacy rules. Go to settings and Privacy and Cameras and make sure that programs are allowed to use cameras.

The update issue is just a theory. I don’t know what/if specific update caused this.

I don’t think it would have to do with camera security since the program itself will not even open.

The case that it do not open have also earlier been caused by antivirus program. Turn off Windows own antivirus programs or if you use another one. Sometimes updates can play tricks. I would make a clean installation of Webcam.