Webm_Opus no longer working after upgrade to 1.9.1

I have just updated from 1.8.1 to 1.9.1 and have found that the Webm_opus video encoder no longer works. H264 seems to be OK but this is not supported by Firefox. Webm_opus used to work with most browser but no longer works with any as far as I can see.

Has something changed?


Hi Donald,
I am running NCS 1.9.1 and Firefox and it works fine. Where/when is it not working?

Hi Henrik,

If I set WebM_Opus as the encoder for a camera I get an exception error in the log when you try to view that stream with firefox.

This is the web page


Here is what the log says when you try to view that page

It was working until I updated to 1.9.1 yesterday, everything else seems OK including the H264 encoder if I select that but ofcourse that won’t work in firefox.

A jpeg stream for the same camera still works as it did before.




The top link don´t work in Chrome either. I am running WebM_Opus and h264 code from html generator in Firefox.

I also generated the code in the HTML generator, it worked until I upgraded. I will try going back to 1.8.1 to see if it starts working again.


Or make a clean installation of 1.9.1 since a lot changed between versions.

Yes it seems that might be easier, I tried running the 1.8.1 installation and it won’t run because it says a newer version is already installed. So is it best to first uninstall the previous version before installing the new one? I assume that means all the settings are lost.


Do an uninstall of 181 first. Then install 191. Here all settings are kept. Test that first. If this do not work do a clean installation and yes here are settings lost.

Hi Henrik

I have now had time to do a fresh install of 1.9.1, I followed your recent message saying how to do this.

Webm_Opus still does not work. I recreated the code using the Generate HTML

If I set the encoding to H264 it does work so I still think something is broken with V1.9.1


I have now done a clean re-install of V1.8.1 and the WebM_opus encoding now works again, I think I’ll still with this version. I know you say it works but everything I’ve done seems to show it doesn’t work in 1.9.1

You can see from links in previous messages that its now working in Firefox again


Thanks for info. I will forward this.