Weird Issue: Can connect remotely via Windows Chrome but not Android Chrome (mobile)?

I set up netcam server with ports forwarded properly and I can access it remotely via IP:8100 outside my LAN network. It worked on windows , but not with any of my android phones (i only tried Chrome on android so far). is there something specific android that is preventing this?

i tried using both the Android app (which says Unknown error 502), and chrome browser via above IP (says Internal Error: server connection terminated) , both after trying to load for about 5 minutes.

Strange! Have you tried to connect Android - LAN - NCS just to check if your phone is the problem or not. I use Android with Chrome, native browser and NCS App on LAN and WAN with no problems.

figured it out! kinda.

so it looks like the data provider i am using with my phone blocks port 8100. i used a VPN and it worked via that way.

Excellent, well good you figured that out since it was sort of strange ;).