What happened to my Library ON my network drive... It was There?

I Moved my server to new hardware.
While I was using the software without a license, I was able to get some functionality that has since failed.
I setup my local library to be written to a network drive and successfully recorded hundreds of videos. As soon as I applied my license I had to reconfigure practically everything except the actual cameras. THIS WAS WORKING JUST FINE
Access to the network local library went away. I noticed initially that there were no recordings showing up in the app.
I verified that the files were indeed on the network drive which lead me to check the NetCam configuration… It had not changed, there was no access.
Now I am only able to create the library directly on the server… not good… limited space.
What happened between NO License and applying a License for 16???

Please advise… would really like to write to net drive.

Hm, this sounds very strange that by entering license configurations are lost. Sorry, but I have no answer for that one.

Not able to store on networks drive is probably the following. I assume that it is here that you specify a NAS or something.

If you run NCS X this would not be a problem. If you run NCS as a service Windows do not allow a service running on a local account to access the network for security. The NCS service must run under a user account or as administrator where network access is allowed.