Which more sources are available with the purchased lisense?

if i buy the license of 64 sources which additional webcam sources are supported? Like this one Trendnet TV-IP314? or this one INSTAR IN-5907HD? How is it in the future with the sources? are there comming more sources additional to the purchased license in the future automaticly?
Iam looking to hearing from you.

You write webcams, but I assume you mean IP cams since the two cams you mention are IP cams. Webcams connect in another way (USB) and are usually relatively easy.

The number of supported cams do not depend on the free or licensed version. You get all cams that NCS supports directly. However, I do very well understand your question and here is my answer. During the last year the number of IP cams have increased enormous. Each camera manufacturer seems to be dong everything they can to make their camera unique in how it communicates with surveillance software. Therefore, it is impossible to make a special template for all cams. However, this has become a problem for everyone; users, cam manufacturers, software designers etc. so for a couple of years ago a standard was developed called ONVIF which standardized how to start the communication with an ONVIF compliant camera. This solved a huge problem and today many cams comply with that.

So today is your lucky day because I see that both your cams are just ONVIF compliant and follows the ONVIF standard. So in Netcam Studio there is a special TAB when you Add a Source just for these cams. Like in the picture bellow where the actual camera has two channels with two different resolutions.

If the cam do not support ONVIF you can add the camera using the Custom URL instead. That usually need a little bit more searching for the correct URL to communicate with the cam, but so far so good ;).

So when you plan to buy cameras and they are not listed in the support list make sure they support ONVIF or that you can find the URL, usually like rtsp://ip-number:554/xxx where xxx is the important part.