Which version to use? 64-bit vs. 32-bit?

I cannot find any information about the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit versions
(despite the statement that some USB cameras will not work with the 64-bit version - but that’s a driver issue, I assume?)

So if I am on a 64-bit server, and I only connect to IP or Network cameras,
would you recommend to prefer the 64-bit version over 32-bit?

Apart from needing of 32bit version for web cam drivers use the 64bit version if you have a 64bit OS. I would say at least 4 factors could differ between 32 and 64 bit; performance (cpu usage and through put), memory limitation, multi thread use and hardware decoding. If you run many IP cams NCS 32bit may end up short of memory and then it will just quit. We have had some behaviors that might have depend of that. But, NCS is very memory efficient. For the other factors I have not heard any specifics, but I am not sure if someone runs a 32bit version with a heavy load. Any specific reason for the question?

The only difference should be the fact that 64-bit version can use more than 2GB memory if needed / if many cameras (after 1.2-1.3GB, the 32-bit version will crash as the rest is used by .NET and other system processes).

This is because the maximum memory address in 32-bit is:

So in most case, if you have 64-bit OS then going with 64-bit version is recommended, the minus is regarding USB cameras that will work only if the manufacturer offers a 64-bit version of the driver. For newer cameras it’s usually the case but for older devices, the driver was only available in 32-bit version and for this reason it may not be listed in the list of sources when running NCS-64.

Hi, Henrik & Steve.

No, no specific reasons for that question. I only was wondering (as Microsoft still recommends to prefer 32-bit Office over 64-bit :wink: = what to do.

In my case, both of my USB cameras can be accessed by NCS-64, so I seem to be fine with that. Thank you!