Whitelist for webcam 7 Camera

hi support
I have a camera type of axis m1065-L Firmware: v. 7.40.1 is there whitelist for wepcem 7
or can it become a whitelist.
Is there a new list of whiteliste camera to Webcam 7 and not a camera that is 3 years old

Hi there,
There are so many cameras on the market today so it is impossible to stay up-to-date with new templates. However, a majority of the new cameras support the onvif standard and so does this camera according to the specifications.
Therefore, I recommend you to use Netcam Studio http://netcamstudio.com also from Moonware which works very fine with IP cameras and onvif. When you add the camera just use the tab for ONVIF Source.

Is Axis m1065-L Firmware: v. 7.40.1 whitelist for wepcem 7
or can it become a whitelist.

Hi Flemming,
If you want to connect that camera to Webcam 7 you need to install the Moonware Universal Source Filter
Then use this URL
There will be no predefined template for this since we use the Source Filter that is a general solution for many IP cams.