Why I use NCS even though i have an NVR

Just a little ‘what i’ve learned’ kind of post.

Netcam Studio (NCS?) is relatively lightweight and easier to use compared to NVRs and NVR clients. I like to use NCS for a few key cameras that I like to keep an closer eye on. I use the NVR as my ‘archival’ machine and NCS for my ‘daily driver’. NCS’s simple motion capture is far easier to use, configure, and play than the NVR. The NCS library is just so dead simple and useful that I can quickly see what was captured and I can quickly review and delete as necessary. The playback and finding events and segments to download, downloading, converting, and playing the on the NVR client software is such a pain. So, NCS is my go to software to see whats happening and only if I need more do I need to dig into the NVR stuff.

Kudos and thanks to the NCS team.

Hi John,
Thank you very much for your very positive review. You pinpoint very well what we are focusing on; keep it simple to use and yet powerful!
We have this topic where we collect people’s opinions about NCS and if you have the time we would appreciate if you write this also in

Thanks in advance from Henrik and the NCS Team!