Why is there a rotating black ring when I play a video? How to fix that

When I play a recorded video on my smartphone, tablet or computer the video stops and there is a rotating black ring. Why is that?
Typically it looks like this

This indicates that the video cannot play any longer since there are no data to show. The player must wait for more data to continue to play the video. The player is buffering.

Reason is that you want to play a video with a specific resolution and FPS (Frames Per Second) that demands a certain amount of data to play at normal speed. The limiting factor is most likely the download speed of the Internet connection. There are two ways to get rid of the buffering:
1.increase download speed from the service provider,
2.chnage parameters of the video to adjust to the available download speed.

The first option is maybe the most obvious, but not that easy either. Therefore, it is probably better to start with the second option to adjust camera resolution, FPS and quality. The minimum requirements are unique for each application. Camera resolution is set in the camera, but it can also be set when you add the camera to NCS. In Settings -> Recordings the FPS and Quality are set.

Now it´s up for testing to get a recording that can play without buffering. If the result is not good enough i.e. you must have higher resolution or higher FPS, then you must increase the download speed.